Here are my favorite blogs and websites for musicians.

Musician Wages: Great website full of great advice. It is run by two professional musicians in different genres- one is a Broadway music director, and the other is a guitar player in New York City. You will find info on recording, cruise ship, and much more.

Chamber Musician Today: This is the most complete site when it comes to chamber music. CD reviews, composers, jazz, members area, you want it, they’ve got it.

Brass Musician: Featured as a magazine, this site has playing tips, how-to, videos and a forum. All for brass players.

Adaptistration: A well-known website among musicians, it will tell you everything you need to know about the orchestra business.

The Savvy Musician Blog: With a book of the same name, the author of this site writes about business models, orchestras, mindsets, career, and more.

The Musician’s Way Blog: Written by the author of the book with the same title, this blog talks about musicality, and has a lot of practice tips.

One Working Musician: Articles on here are about marketing and promotion, getting started, business and bands.

Business Musician’s Blog: The posts on this site revolve around education, innovation, music therapy and business.


The Collaborative Piano Blog: If you want to become an accompanist, this is the site for you. Lots of info on education and real life stories, among other topics.

Piano Addict: It describes itself as the site for all piano enthusiasts, and it is. You’ll find links to interesting articles from other sites, artist portraits, reviews and pedagogy posts.

Gretchen’s Piano: This blog’s favorite topics are concerts, learning, goals, and preparation.

All Piano: The author’s goal is to keep piano lessons relevant to the new generation, and this site reflects her thoughts on that.

The Cross-Eyed Pianist: This blog focuses on composers, concert reviews, and personal stories of the author as a piano teacher.

Music Directing the School Musical: If you’re a music director, you’ll find a lot of good info on this site, including guides specific to shows.


Elissa Milne: This site is full of great posts on music education.

Music Ed Major: Written by a music education college student, this web site is for other college students in music ed.

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