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What’s bad about not being nervous as musicians

Being nervous before a performance can really be a drag. That’s why we try to learn to handle it better…. Continue reading »

Is it time for new audition songs?

I’ve come across books and websites with monologues written just for auditions, NOT taken from a show. Because I’m on… Continue reading »

How to audition for amusement parks

Amusement parks are always in need of musicians, actors and dancers. Each park tends to have an average of four… Continue reading »

The 1 thing to do when you are an actor who sings

What do you do when you are auditioning for musicals and you are an actor who sings? ACT! If you… Continue reading »

How to prove you’re qualified

You finally got that audition, so you’ve got to prove that you’re the most qualified, right? Well, what if the… Continue reading »