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Is playing for weddings really a good gig?

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What to write in a first email to get the gig

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Who to work for to get paid more

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How to create a good rapport with anyone in rehearsal, on your gig, and to get a job

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When do you get to call yourself accomplished?

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5 music ads gone wrong

I thought it’d be “fun” to take some ads for musicians, and change the word musician for another job title…. Continue reading »

What if that gig doesn’t pay you enough?

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Why apply to that job when you know you’re not gonna get it?

Looking and applying to gigs takes time, so it’s tempting to weight our chances before wasting our time applying to… Continue reading »

What determines how much you make?

Think you’ll get paid more the better you are at your instrument? Think again! In his book Attitude 101, John… Continue reading »

Where to park for that gig?

As freelancer musicians, we often work in places, and even in cities we’ve never been to before. That leaves us… Continue reading »